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Hecate is considered a protective goddess; it is linked to fertility cults granting material and spiritual wealth. It reveals to us the dreams kept within us.

I modeled this witch in self-hardening clay. Each figurine is a unique piece that is distinguished by its character, its natural elements and its uniqueness.

This figurine consists of a natural black tourmaline stone and a natural black onix stone. In one hand she holds a lantern made of woven plant material and in the other a stick of manacá seed. This can be filled with dried flowers for example. Its base is made of natural agate stone. It is also an incense holder.

Weight: ± 840g
Height: ± 23 cm
Width: ± 16cm
Depth: ± 14 cm

⚠ Unique piece: each figurine is a unique model, handmade, without the use of a mould.

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