We take a path covered with stones and crystals bursting with light. We arrive at the edge of a clearing where, in the distance, stands a household; fragrances of incense perfume the atmosphere. An elf, leaning against a mushroom, observes us with a nonchalant air. Fairies flutter between the leaves of a monumental tree.

In front of the cottage stands a noble and enigmatic figure, draped in incense vapors. The door is open. As carried by the wind, a benevolent voice whispers in our ear:

Because we all have a witch sleeping inside us, welcome to my cabin!

The figurines

As a benevolent apprentice witch, I shape these figurines by revealing what they inspire in me. Each one is unique in its character, its natural elements and its singularity.

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Magical Props

There are tools that help us in our spiritual journey quest and our Wiccan practices. I make these accessories in search of daily well-being by adding a touch of magic.

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The essential magic accessories for your rituals!

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